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Our kindergarten program is a Government funded programs that children attend in the year before starting school. Each child attends for a total of 15 hours each week.


The program is designed and implemented by a qualified kindergarten teacher and co-educators.

Staff work closely with families, openly communicating and displaying objectives of the planned program. 


Each child’s learning is documented in a portfolio which parents are welcome to look through at any time.  Program reflections, which are part of our planning cycle, are also placed on display so families can see or read about how we are achieving our objectives.

We enjoy close ties with the local community, enjoying visits from the local police, dentist, musicians etc.

Our program has a large focus on school readiness. As part of this focus children walk across to the local primary school library to enjoy borrowing books each week, supporting a love of reading and early literacy development. We also encourage school readiness by working on developing the important skills needed to succeed in school. These include fine-motor skills, gross-motor skills, attention spans, perseverance, resilience and instilling a love for learning. 

We currently have two kindergarten groups - Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/ Thursday. Both groups attend 8.30am - 4pm / 2 days per week.

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